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Being charged with OUI (Operating Under the Influence) can be an extremely upsetting and disruptive situation in your life. The possible penalties, even for your first conviction, are very serious — especially in Massachusetts, and it is important that you partner with an OUI attorney who understands the complexities of the Massachusetts courts to help you work towards the best possible outcome.

The OUI Attorneys are ready and willing to help you with your case so that you can move forward with your life with minimal penalties and without having your entire life be seriously impacted. Even one OUI conviction can cause issues for the rest of your life, so partnering with a strong defense attorney is the best decision you can make to secure your future.

Contact us now for a free consultation. We understand that choosing the right OUI attorney is a very important decision, which is why we offer these free calls. We want you to understand our process, how we will work with you, learn more about our history of successes with cases similar to your own, and answer any questions that you may have about your situation. We also understand that if you have never been in this situation it can be extremely confusing and overwhelming, which is why we will offer you insight and advice during your consultation as well.

Why Should You Choose The OUI Attorneys?

Your top priority after being arrested and charged with OUI is to beat your case, or at least minimize your penalties. With this on your mind, the first step is to hire the right OUI attorney for your case. The OUI Attorneys makes it simple to find the right lawyer for you by giving you access to a broad coalition of experienced, vetted professionals who are ready to take your case. Instead of adding to the stress of your OUI, license suspension, and other disruptions to your life, it is a much easier option to use a trusted network to find the right lawyer for you.

No matter where in Massachusetts you are located, we will connect you with the right attorney for your situation with ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that an OUI can bring up lots of questions for you, which we are happy to answer during your free initial consultation and beyond. However, here are a few questions that we get often and can be helpful for you now.

Is Refusing a Breathalyzer an Admission of Guilt?

If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, your driver’s license is automatically suspended by the RMV for a certain length of time depending on your age and history of OUIs. If you are over the age of 21, have no prior OUI convictions, and refuse a breath test, then your license will be suspended for 180 days from the RMV.

If you have a prior OUI or are under the age of 21, your license will be immediately suspended for three years. With two prior OUI convictions, refusing the breath test will result in an automatic year suspension, and it will be permanently revoked if you have three prior OUI charges and refuse a breath test.

How Long Will I Lose My License For?

If you are convicted of your first OUI, then your license will be suspended for one year. A second OUI has a penalty of two-year license suspension. Third OUIs have an eight-year license suspension, fourth OUIs have a 10-year suspension, and a fifth OUI has a lifetime ban. 

If you are charged with a first through fourth OUI, you may be eligible to apply for a hardship license in certain circumstances, which will allow you to operate a vehicle on a limited basis in order to get to and from school, work, or medical appointments. You will need to serve a certain suspension length before being able to apply for the hardship license.

Should I Use a Public Defender If I Am Eligible?

Using a public defender is entirely your right if you are financially eligible, but you should understand the differences in attention that you will get with a private attorney. Public defenders have large caseloads that they take on, and therefore have very little time to work with their clients. They will likely encourage you to accept your first plea deal offer from the prosecutor, whereas with a private attorney you will use that offer as a place to begin negotiating. 

When you are working with one of the skilled attorneys from The OUI Attorneys, you can be confident that your case is getting all of the attention that it deserves. Our top priority is to help our clients get the best possible outcome in their case, and yours will not be an exception.

Should I Accept a Plea Deal?

Accepting a plea deal is not a bad way to bring a close to your case, but it is important that you and your attorney have worked out an agreement that gives you the lawful minimum punishment in exchange for your guilty plea. The Massachusetts court system is designed to make OUI cases difficult on the defendant, hard to navigate, and nearly impossible to live a normal life through the duration of the trial. The intention is to make the defendant so uncomfortable that they accept an early deal, but you will want to work with your attorney to weigh all of the pros and cons of any decision that you will collectively make.

How Long Will an OUI Stay On My Record?

An OUI conviction will stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life and will stay on your driving record for life unless you request that it be removed after 10 years. In very rare cases someone may be able to request that their record is expunged, but this is only typical in instances where someone has had their identity stolen and used during a criminal trial. 

Keep in mind that if you are arrested but not convicted, that you will not need to disclose this information to potential employers or other situations that ask you about your criminal record. This detail is just one factor that makes it extremely important that you work with an aggressive attorney who will fight for an optimal plea deal or to end your case with a Continued Without a Finding (CWOF). 

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