How To Work Out a DUI Plea Deal in Massachusetts

DUI Plea Deal

If you have been arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence in Massachusetts, it is extremely important that you begin working with a trustworthy, experienced OUI attorney as soon as possible. There are many different time-sensitive issues such as possible automatic license suspensions and appeals, and the more time you have to work with your attorney, the more time they will have to develop a strong defense for you.

In some cases, your best option during an OUI case may be to take a plea deal with the Massachusetts courts. It is important to recognize that taking a plea deal does not mean that you are otherwise unable to win the case, but Massachusetts is very hostile towards OUI cases and makes them as difficult as possible. If you are able to deal with these discomforts while we fight through the entirety of your case, then your chances of beating the case could increase. This is not the case in all situations though, and it important that you and your attorney explore all options before deciding the most appropriate decision given your charges.

Read more below about plea deals in Massachusetts, and contact us now for a free consultation where you can learn more about how we will handle your case, our opinions on your situation, and more. This is a great opportunity to get some clarity about your case and build trust with the Massachusetts OUI attorney you may decide to work with for the duration of this complex legal process. Our experience will be a major asset to your case, and you can show up to court confident that you are represented by a team of qualified lawyers.

What Is a Plea Deal?

A plea deal, otherwise known as a plea bargain, is when a defendant agrees to plead guilty to certain charges in exchange for lesser penalties or to have other charges dropped or reduced. In terms of an OUI charge, we may opt to take a plea deal with the court instead of fighting through the entire case and risking more serious penalties if we are unable to reach a not guilty finding. 

A prosecutor may offer a plea deal right from the start of your case, but although they will attempt to make it seem that it is your only option for a reduced sentence, we will use it as a start to negotiations while also weighing our options for going all the way through the case. 

Is a Plea Deal the Right Option?

There is no universal answer to this question because it is extremely specific to your situation. We will need to weigh the consequences of the charges and penalties you are facing, factor any existing criminal records you have, instances of probation, and enhancements to your current charges, among others. At the outset of your trial, you may feel extremely overwhelmed and want to accept the deal that the prosecutor offers you so that you can stop the stress, but we will make sure that you make your decisions with strong legal counsel.

If we determine that the penalties that you are facing, the complexity or length of the case, the inconveniences of the case itself, and many other things justify the plea deal. The best outcome is reaching an agreement that ends with the minimum allowable penalty, which could be probation, alcohol education courses, fines, and hopefully a CWOF (Continued Without a Finding) for the case.

If we are able to take a plea deal then ends with a CWOF, this means that you have the opportunity to avoid a conviction by completing the requirements that come with the 24D Disposition successfully. You will not be convicted, meaning that it will not go on your record, but it will factor into any possible future OUI charges that you get.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Options

During your free initial consultation, you will be able to speak with a Massachusetts OUI attorney about your situation while you are able to learn more about how we have helped clients in situations similar to your own. We have a history of success in the Massachusetts court system, extensive knowledge of OUI laws, and are confident in our abilities to help our clients work towards the best possible outcomes in their situations. We will be happy to do the same for you.