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If you’ve been charged with OUI/ DUI in the Boston, Massachusetts area, it is crucial to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. When hiring an attorney it is important to choose a lawyer with relevant experience, success, and one that you can trust. Communication is important in any legal case and your OUI case is no exception. Our network attorneys understand that an OUI charge is a serious one and that your reputation and future are at stake.

Communication is Key

The lawyers of OUI Attorneys can be reached 24 hours a day and are available to answer your questions and help guide you through the often times, confusing legal process. This service also offers a real-time online client portal to provide you with valuable information regarding your case. The attorneys also provide a free initial consultation to discuss the facts of your case and provide you with a plan and the comfort of knowing, to some extent, what to expect moving forward in your case. The attorneys are there to help and to fight for you and your rights.

Experience Matters

Our network attorneys are OUI professionals, who have handled thousands of DUI cases in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. These dedicated professionals are prepared to fight your case in trial as well as with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Contact an Experienced OUI Attorney as Soon as Possible

Being charged with an OUI is serious, and not always a straightforward, matter. In addition to several legal defenses that may be applicable to your case, there are also arguments that challenge the accuracy or administration of the evidence used to charge an individual with OUI. In addition, if you have prior OUI convictions, additional charges, or a criminal history, these are factors that may play a role in the ultimate outcome of your case. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney can help you fight for your rights, your future, and your driving privileges.

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